Assisting Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs)

If Chinese Foreign partnerships are necessary in your business, we recognize managing such business relationships can be time consuming and challenging.

This is on top of the many day-to-day tasks a SME needs to perform with a smaller work-force.

DaLu can design and execute cost-effective strategies and solutions for your joint venture, allowing you to be in control of all phases of the life of the partnership, but letting our experts do the “heavy-lifting”.

For your joint venture, DaLu can be your project manager throughout or part of the life of your partnership. Namely, our experienced consultants will help you strategize and define what you want out of the business relationship, negotiate the deal, launch/operationalize and manage the ongoing business, and even oversee a split if the partnership needs to be dissolved.

At all times of our involvement and on your behalf, DaLu will look for opportunities to ensure we continually build stronger relationships between the joint venture partners. This stems from our strong belief that good personal affiliations form the bedrock for successful joint ventures.

Read our “About Us”, “Experience” and “Testimonials” sections to understand how your company can benefit from the expertise DaLu can bring.

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