The following are testimonials of some who have worked with our consultants *: 

“[Consultant] headed the JV development and implementation teams which sealed a merger between one of our subsidiaries in China and a local China firm. He fills a headcount and competency gap in my organization, hence our subsequent appointment of him as a Director in the JV company gives me comfort in that the governance and shareholder relationships are properly managed. A true professional in his field”

– Group CEO, Public Listed Company in Asia

“.. unique ability to both listen and communicate at a deeper level to promote understanding in transactions involving Chinese and Western parties, thus bridging the cultural gap critical for doing business in China. As such, we have been able to make realistic assessments of our positions, at the same time ensuring our counterparties knew where we stood.”

– General Counsel, State Owned Enterprise in Middle East

“I worked extensively with [consultant] in China on both joint venture formation and relationship building with National Oil Companies. His extensive work with State Owned Enterprises, both inside joint ventures and with corporate executives, makes him ideally placed to understand corporate strategy and the operational realities that must be addressed to ensure long term sustainable ventures.”

– General Manager Strategy, International Oil Major

“.. has invaluable experience dealing with China State Owned entities, central and local authorities, and steering a path through the regulatory and commercial maze.. highly recommended.”

– Partner, Law Firm

“.. has a wealth of experience in dealing with Chinese joint venture partners. He knows the pitfalls and the cultural sensitivities, and how to deliver results in this complex and difficult business environment. And he knows it from the inside, having been a lead representative posted into one of our most challenging Chinese joint ventures.

– Vice President, Energy Joint Venture Company (with large Chinese Equity) in Australia

“..has been successful combining a strong blend of strategic thinking and cross cultural skill-sets in managing joint ventures, with a simple belief that good partnerships start with good relationships.”

– COO, Industry Leader in Australia

.. very sharp and has an excellent business mind. He picks up points and nuances quickly and is valued for his ability to think beyond the obvious ……you will want him to lead your JV implementation or operations team.

– General Counsel, Owner of major engineering facility in Asia

* Names of person and organization have been removed in the interests of privacy and confidentiality of the projects handled. However, testimonial providers can avail as referees if requested.