Why DaLu

We have a reservoir of relevant corporate and commercial experiences, both internationally and in China. Bilingual language fluency is a given. However, DaLu emphasizes cultural fluency as an even more significant factor in successful joint ventures.

DaLu’s consultants are known for their understanding of, and assimilation in, both Western and Eastern (Chinese) cultures. This cultural intelligence is a result of many years of embedment/habituation in different countries, and whose authenticity cannot be manufactured. As a result, we are able to provide both between-the lines insight and intuition, as well as effective articulation to our client’s stakeholders – all of which provides a valuable edge in transactional circumstances.

We are able to handle projects with complex legal, structural or commercial elements. However, we also espouse the value of building actual relationships between Chinese and Foreign partners, and believe such long term affiliations form the bedrock for successful joint ventures.

We listen, and are flexible, and can hence create bespoke solutions that suit your organization’s needs.

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